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I’m Giving Away an Android Phone

A Short Story as an entry.

One day a geeky boy was looking for a gadget that he can personalize with his imaginative mind. He Googled a phone that can be infinitely customized and be greater than the undefined. While Googling, he found Android OS and read its description with sparkling eyes. Searching, he found out phones that include Android OS were very pricey and as a student he was flat-broke. He thought of ways to get a phone of such majesty. Filled with much determination, he quickly pressed Ctrl+T, then Ctrl+E, and in speed of light he typed “philippine giveaway android phone”.

He then realized the first items, in the search, were pertaining to one thing and were the closest to what he was looking for. He read the mechanics with the love of the unexplainable.

“Entry? Anywhere? Hmm… I should really eternalize this marvelous moment in my old blog.” he said.

This is when he started talking to himself as adrenaline rushed into him.

“Ha ha get up from your grave my blog!!! It was almost a year since you were dead! You even still have your old WordPress format “ Just another weblog”.”

“My hands! O my hands give me thy power!!!” “Swwwoooossshhhh.”

Then, there were flying colors that were swirling all around his computer screen, parts of his blog were poofing, fireworks were flying, as that what he saw in his all seeing eye that no else did saw.

“I must make haste before the deadline takes my chance!”, he shouted.

With simple editing he made it presentable to the average person. He then made his first post in his revived blog. Ideas were flowing like a river in his deep mind. He took his machine gun and fired every ammo it had.

“Ha ha ha! Yes yes!!!”, he laughed like a sinister villain.

It took time but finally the bullets were all fired. His work was now finished as the blade he wielded was now sharpened.

“Alas! Finished!”, he screamed up in heaven with all his might.

He then finally submitted his entry with great hope.

As the time to sleep came, he felt so fluffy and stuffed-bear-like. His angel eyes appeared before heaven’s gate as he was about to pray. He knelt before his God.

“God, Oh loving Lord give me my chance. Give me your grace, your ever holy grace. And with that please bless me with the blessing that will help gain the prize I long for. I love you.”

He then ended his prayer. Tuck himself in bed. Ended his night with a smile on his face…

—-To be continued…—-

Note: Did you know that I officially restarted my blog just because of this? Total inspiration!

Some of the Samsung phones were limited to factory-released themes and downloading games were complicated as I have a Samsung sgh-l700. Google changed that, Samsung phones now are customizable with Google Android OS. The Android Phone can now be anyone’s phone with his own personal touch and a wide array of application and games.

As a developer I want to create applications and games for phone that I can feel and touch with my techie hands and build my passion of everlasting knowledge.

The Lantern

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Personal, Quote
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The lantern you bring should light the welfare of your neighbors and be against the darkness of the threats of life. If we gather all of our lanterns, darkness will not exist.


The “lantern” symbolizes the object that shows the light and darkness.

“Light” symbolizes the entity that can easily be seen.

“Welfare of your neighbors” symbolizes the way of doing good to anyone, even self, without discrimination and comparison.

“Darkness” symbolizes the absence of moral or spiritual values.

“Threats of life” symbolizes whatever is opposed to life (murder, suicide, etc.), whatever violates the integrity of the human person (mutilation, torture, etc.), and whatever insults human dignity (slavery, imprisonment, etc.). It is also one of the examples of darkness.

“darkness will be behind us” means that only darkness’ shadow, or history, will only be left and no immoral acts are present.