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The Lantern

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Personal, Quote
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The lantern you bring should light the welfare of your neighbors and be against the darkness of the threats of life. If we gather all of our lanterns, darkness will not exist.


The “lantern” symbolizes the object that shows the light and darkness.

“Light” symbolizes the entity that can easily be seen.

“Welfare of your neighbors” symbolizes the way of doing good to anyone, even self, without discrimination and comparison.

“Darkness” symbolizes the absence of moral or spiritual values.

“Threats of life” symbolizes whatever is opposed to life (murder, suicide, etc.), whatever violates the integrity of the human person (mutilation, torture, etc.), and whatever insults human dignity (slavery, imprisonment, etc.). It is also one of the examples of darkness.

“darkness will be behind us” means that only darkness’ shadow, or history, will only be left and no immoral acts are present.